Introducing Tinker RnD’s Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer


This past week we announced at 1MC our newest team member and co-founder. Christi Luciani, has joined Tinker RnD and will lead us with the development and support of our products and services and will serve as Chief Technical Officer.



About Christi

Christi was born a maker, she has an extensive Engineering background that has built multiple areas of expertise. Christi spent her childhood working with computers and coding, monetizing her first piece of software at just 14. She quickly realized how much more technology could do, and very soon became interested in building things that could move, and eventually fly autonomously.

Christi has since studied Biomedical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah, designed novel pro mastered Python, become an inventor and patent holder, and thus, has earned the title as a Full Stack Tinkerer.

She is as passionate about teaching as she is innovating, and we are excited about what the future has in store for our team.

You can view more about her and some of her designs in the Tinker RnD Portfolio.

We have very exciting projects under development. Check back with us periodically or subscribe to be notified as partnership and product announcements come.


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